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A Barn Makeover, How to Stain Concrete Part 2

Studio Floor 20_1

So in yesterday’s post I left you standing in Home Depot crying out for help not knowing which stain to choose.  I mean who needs all these choices anyway!?  I need simple friends.  Simple.  Good heavens I make things complicated enough on my own! Enter in my daughter….”mom look at this!”  Could it be that […]

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Cleaning Up with the HomeRight SteamMachine Plus


I know.  I know.  It’s been awhile.  I’m sorry.  Things have been crazy, fantastic busy around here and something always suffers when that happens.  This time it’s been my blog.  I’m trying SUPER hard to get things organized with my new store front and still find time to pay attention to all my loyal readers. […]

Farm Fresh Vintage Finds is MOVING!!!!!!


I’ve been meaning to take the time to tell all of you about all the great things that are happening lately but can not seem to find the time.  And for those of you that follow me on Facebook this will come as no surprise but I have an announcement….. I’m OPENING MY VERY OWN […]

Buffet Makeover in DIY Vintage Linen


A few months ago I went on a pickin trip with my dad and daughter and picked up this fantastic buffet.  My daughter actually saw it first and I’m so glad she did because this particular store was hopping and there were people snatching up things left and right.  It’s one of those pieces I see […]

Cabinet Painted with DIY Chalk Type Paint in Carnival Red


Recently I have noticed that I’m mostly painting furniture for clients in very neutral colors.  So when someone contacted me about purchasing this cabinet and asked me to paint it red I got excited.  I love whites and greys but painting something red always makes a statement! I picked up this piece while I was […]

Painting a Table and Chairs with the HomeRight Finish Max Sprayer


  BE SURE TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST FOR YOUR VERY OWN HOMERIGHT FINISH MAX. One of the most popular client projects I’m commissioned to do is updating tables and chairs for clients.  Lots of times my clients like their furniture and have had it for years.  It’s usually well […]

Updating Furniture with Chalk Type Paint

Layering Chalk Type Paint-13

This summer has been filled with client projects. I have been blessed with more work than I can do and I am so grateful. This dresser came to me from a client I’ve worked with several times before.  She drives an hour (one way) to bring me her furniture to transform and I’m so grateful […]