How to Paint and Reupholster a Chair

by Beth on April 15, 2014

Red chair before and after

 Redecorating your home can be costly.  But if you are willing to re-use what you have, you can save money.  This chair is an example of just that.  I’ve done several posts about reupholstering, you can see a couple of examples here and here.  This particular chair was beautiful to begin with but my client… Read the rest of the story »

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Miss Mustard Seed Kitchen Scale1000

Since becoming a Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint retailer I’ve been planning to schedule some milk paint workshops.  Finally it’s all worked out and they’ll be happening starting this May.  Yesterday I spent the day preparing for all the exciting things we’re going to learn.  I LURVE teaching people how to paint and create pieces they love.… Read the rest of the story »



One of the first large pieces I painted with Milk Paint was this beautiful hutch.  I found it on a pickin’ trip in a junk store.  It was covered with crud.  After cleaning it throughly I decided to paint it with Miss Mustard Seed’s Kitchen Scale Milk Paint.  I didn’t add the bonding agent because… Read the rest of the story »


Vintage Cosco Stool Makeovers

by Beth on April 7, 2014

Cosco Stepstool _1

I don’t know what it is about these stools that always draws me to them.  Maybe it’s because they remind me of my grandmothers house?  Maybe it’s the thought of being able to reach something I shouldn’t have as a child?  I don’t know, but either way I’m always drawn to them, their simplicity and… Read the rest of the story »


Vanity Transformed with Pink Latex Paint

by Beth on April 4, 2014

Pink vanity

When I bought this vanity I knew it would have to be painted.  I’ve transformed several vanities and they’re always lots of fun.  The veneer was peeling off of it and it was in pretty rough shape. However it had wonderful details and was definitely worth transforming. I used my heat gun to carefully remove… Read the rest of the story »


Teen Girls Dream Bedroom Reveal

by Beth on April 2, 2014


When hubby decided it was time to create a dream bedroom for out teen daughter I was super excited.  Makeovers are my fave and I knew our daughters bedroom would be fabulous because he’s so creative.  He handles most of the building side of Farm Fresh and has so many creative ideas in his head… Read the rest of the story »


How I Reupholstered an Outdated Chair

by Beth on March 31, 2014

Yellow Chair 28

Lately I’m realizing that my computer is a treasure trove of projects I’ve worked on over the last couple of months and forgotten about.  This chair, for example is just that.  I had completely forgotten about reupholstering it until I started my “spring clean” of my computer last week.  I blogged about a chair I… Read the rest of the story »

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10 Creative Cakes with Fondant

by Beth on March 24, 2014

feature image

My daughter began making cakes a few years ago.  In fact I blogged about it one of them here.  Since then she’s decorated several different cakes using fondant.  She learned how to create these edible masterpieces by watching her favorite show, Cake Boss.  I think one day she’ll be The Next Great Baker! This Xbox 360… Read the rest of the story »


Annie Sloan Antoinette Desk

by Beth on March 21, 2014

Holly Pink Desk 1

It’s always lots of fun when a client contacts me and says, “I need a piece redone but I’m not sure what to do…can you help?”  I like to have creative freedom and this desk is an example of just that.  When my client brought it to me the drawers were covered in stickers and… Read the rest of the story »

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Before and After Template

Oh how I love Empire style furniture.  It’s simple yet still has beautiful lines and details.  This piece was a Craigslist splurge.  I was just browsing around not looking for anything in particular and then BAM this popped up and next thing I know I’m hopping in the truck with my son and off we… Read the rest of the story »